December 2023: ‘Talking Sculpture: Dialects of Making’

Alexandra Harley – ‘Alob’, 2022. Bronze, bronze wire. Photo: Peter Griffiths

The TSM artists are taking part in a sculpture exhibition at Vessel, the exhibition space at York St John University, December 2023 – March 2024.

The exhibition ‘Talking Sculpture: Dialects of Making’ a group exhibition supported by Vessel in association with Talking Sculpture Making (TSM) brings together a national and intergenerational group of artists working in abstract sculpture. ‘Talking Sculpture‘ forefronts the material investigation and material conditions of making sculpture engaged in formal and material conversations of the medium and reasserts the importance of feminist legacies in understanding the ongoing importance of abstract sculpture. 

Alexandra, Gillian and Sheila are showing alongside Katrina Cowling, Charlotte Cullen and Hannah Honeywill.

Private View: 5-8pm, 7th December
Exhibition open:
8th – 15th December 2023, 10 – 5.
8th January – 21st March 2024, 10 – 5.

There is a Symposium also titled ‘Talking Sculpture: Dialects of Making’ on 21st March 2024.

Key note speaker is the renowned feminist art academic Grizelda Pollock.

This one-day symposium supports an overdue conversation to reassert the importance, histories and future legacies of abstract sculpture made by women artists, including artists with lived experience of misogyny and gendered oppression.

There is still an underrepresentation of women sculptors working in abstraction. This symposium aims to address this imbalance and examine abstract sculpture and the ways it is and can be understood within the contemporary sculptural field. In collaboration with the artist collective Talking Sculpture Making (TSM), this symposium supports intergenerational discussion from abstract sculptors across the UK working today.

Drawing from a presentation of abstract sculpture at Vessel, York St John University’s public art gallery, the symposium forefronts the embodied experience of viewing sculpture with the purpose of; questioning the role language plays in making sense of and asserting representation, the material conditions of making, the histories and context of abstract sculpture; to reflect on legacies and propose support structures to address the underrepresentation of abstraction within the ongoing feminist repositioning of sculpture.

More information on the day and details on how to register coming soon.